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Rob Wailing's Rule of Thumb for Conversion Rates (Visitor/Trial and Trial/Paid)

From a MicroConf-Talk by Rob Walling, Co-Founder of Drip. The links should take you directly to the relevant parts in the video. ▶️ Rob’s Rule of Thumb (2015) His assumptions: Free trials with credit card up-front. Visitor/Trial conversion rate: 0.7-2.0% (depends on price point) Trial/Paid conversion rate: 40%-60% (lower if no credit card up-front) First 60⁄90 day churn: 20-40% Post 60⁄90 day churn: 4-7% ▶️ Positioning your Startup: How to be different Invent a category. [Read More]

Which SaaS Metrics To Watch Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Are you building a Software-as-a-service (Saas)? Do you wonder if you are tracking the right things? If you came here via Google, then chances are, you are not. Neither did we with (If you lead a remote team, then take a look at ParrotPolls. It helps you get closer to your team, helps you be aware of problems ahead of time.) tl;dr: If you have less than ~30,000 unique monthly visitors, focus on getting more visitors. [Read More]

How To Import Your Aws Route 53 Records To Terraform

Until recently we used the web-interface of Route 53, the AWS DNS service, to manage the DNS records for our startup, Making manual changes to such a critical piece of infrastructure always made me nervous. I knew there was a better way, but I had never taken the time to set this up. The incident which got me to set up terraform (a command-line tool for managing cloud infrastructure) was when I realized I was about to lose track of which DNS records serve which purpose. [Read More]

Professional Feature Flags For Django

Motivation Any non-trivial project I’ve ever worked on sooner or later had a need for feature flags (also called feature toggles). They can be used for awesome stuff but they can also be used terrible things. It’s really up to you and your team. The goal At the end of this tutorial you will know how to implement feature flags in django how to use a third-party feature-flag-provider to manage your feature-flags have an idea how this can be used to roll-out new features to a subset of your users (e. [Read More]

Die Top 5 Anzeichen, dass du kurz davor bist, Fake-News auf den Leim zu gehen

Experten haben jetzt heraus gefunden: In Zeiten von Corona wird mit Fake-News wieder wichtige Zeit verschwendet. Zeit, in denen man Leben retten könnte. Darum denke an die Sicherheit deiner Mitmenschen und schicke diese Nachricht unbedingt an deine Freunde und Familie und überhaupt alle Leute in deinem gesamten Adressbuch! Worauf wartest du noch? 5 – 🧐 Du hast die Nachricht per IM (WhatsApp, Messenger,…) oder Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. erhalten 4 – 😧 Du spürst den Drang, die Nachricht sofort weiterzuleiten 3 – 🤔 Die Nachricht enthält keine nachprüfbare Quellenangabe, spricht aber von “ExpertInnen”, ungenannten Autoritäten oder MitarbeiterInnen wichtiger Institutionen 2 – 😮 Die Nachricht enthält keine Zeitangaben, außer der Andeutung, dass etwas “jetzt” oder “vor Kurzem” entdeckt wurde oder passiert ist 1 – 😱 Die Nachricht enthält die Aufforderung “Leite dies unbedingt an deine Freunde und Familie weiter! [Read More]

Getting started with Google Adwords for (y)our bootstrapped startup

The Problem We recently re-designed the web-site of our little startup, ParrotPolls. (In case you don’t know: ParrotPolls is the perfect tool to improve your team. It’s for the teams themselves, not the HR-department.) Anyhow: Now we’re ready to launch our first1 AdWords-campaign. The problem is: how to do that? From our real first attempt, we already know that simply creating an Adwords campaign and expecting people to signup for a trial account is not a good goal, it’s just not feasible. [Read More]

Using `pipenv` - The Basics

Just a couple of tiny recipes for pipenv How to migrate an existing project from requirements.txt to a pipenv Pipfile This will create a new virtual environment for your current folder and install all requirements from requirements.txt. Put another way: This will “convert” your requirements.txt into a Pipfile: Run this from the project folder containing the requirements.txt file. $ touch Pipfile $ pipenv install -r requirements.txt Output: Creating a Pipfile for this project… Requirements file provided! [Read More]

Is Your Todo List Getting Longer And Longer?

Do you use a todo or task app on your phone? And have you enabled recurring reminders for overdue tasks? Do you have an ever growing list of overdue tasks? If your task list is growing, or if you find yourself dismissing task reminders several days in a row without actually looking at the overdue tasks, then these tip might be for you: Don’t mix actionable tasks and “someday, maybe I should do this” If you don’t look at your overdue tasks, maybe they are not real, concrete tasks after all. [Read More]

Instant Gratification: Consuming Instead Of Creating

I have been thinking about buying this new gadget for a while. This has been going on since spring of this year (it’s almost fall now). I have have been watching many Youtube videos and reading reviews, looking at spec sheets and generally spending a lot of time on this subject. I am hesitant to actually buy the gadget, because some part of me has the feeling, that, once I actually have that shiny new thing in my hands, the novelty will wear of rather sooner than later, and won’t be using it half as much as I imagined before I bought it. [Read More]

Know Your Energy Levels

If you are anything like me, you have experienced this: In the morning, you make grand plans for the evening, plan what you will do when you come home from work (or, if working from home, what you will do after work). In the morning, these plans made you feel good and productive. Then, evening rolls around, and suddenly you can think of a million reasons why you won’t stick to your plan and why you will put off those plans for some other day, probably tomorrow. [Read More]