How can I help you?

Hi, my name is Stefan, and I’m here to help

Over the years, I have helped small and large companies to improve their software development teams and to get their products to market on time. I have helped clients in many roles: as a product owner, an agile coach/scrum master, and as a software developer.

I focus on agile practices and continuous improvement.

That’s also why I founded Crunchmetric, a service that helps teams collect feedback and stay on the “improvement-train”. I believe, this got even more important with the increase in remote work. If you lead a team, check out Crunchmetric now!

I want to help teams and organizations that are struggling to adopt agile processes.

🚀 Some examples how I have helped other clients

Please, get in touch if your team, or your company is struggling with adopting agile practices, like Scrum or Kanban!

  • Coaching leadership-teams, and product owners in agile practices within companies of all sizes, from ten employee startups to global enterprises with over 70.000 employees
  • Transitioning a team in four weeks from “no process” to using basic agile practices. (This takes much less effort than you might think!)
  • Help non-technical teams to adopt tools like Jira, and Confluence without triggering a “I don’t work in IT that’s why I don’t use these tools”-reflex.
  • Provide on-the-job training for new product owners.
  • As a product owner: leading a single team of five, as well as leading multiple teams with a total of 20 people.
  • As a software developer, and devops-engineer: migrating customer data, developing APIs, and production infrastructure, as well as introducing event sourcing, and micro-services

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