Do you lead a team, or a company and want to adopt agile practices, like Scrum or Kanban, but don’t know how to start?

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The Gift Basket That Haunted My Dreams

Are you like me, making plans in the morning but find that you are not sticking to them when evening rolls around? I don’t eat particularly healthy. As with everything in live, I go through phases with my diet. Sometimes I eat less unhealthy, sometimes I eat more unhealthy food. This week was especially bad. Last weekend I received a nice little food basket from some of my friends. It was a very sweet gesture, and I was very happy to receive it. [Read More]

How To Get Better At Stuff

As you might be able to tell from the title, this is not going to be an academic article about self improvement. Instead, I am trying to convince you – and myself – that there is one key element to improving yourself and your life. Let me start with an example. Remember when you were a kid? Let’s assume I’m young again and let’s assume I don’t know how to do simple math, like adding numbers. [Read More]

Don't Feel Bad

This is my first Day of Writing. I came across the idea of theming my days when I recently watched a bunch of Youtube-videos. You know the one: your typical productivity porn videos by your typical productivity experts. The ones that make you feel productive without actually accomplishing anything. Who are these videos for? Who is watching these videos? Probably a bunch of losers like myself who watch productivity videos to procrastinate. [Read More]