The benefits of using a timer when writing a blog-post

I recently started to time myself when writing my daily blog post. My original intention was to see if the time required to write will decrease over time. I assume it will, but I don’t have any data yet. But now I realized that timing myself while writing has a direct benefit: It helps to stay focused, and it helps me to finish the blog-post. For example, one day I couldn’t really think of a topic. By now I have learned that it’s best just to create a new file and start writing, despite the lack of inspiration. But after a while all the words a had written felt pretty meaningless and shallow. I started to wonder if that is really something I want to publish on my blog. Mr. Perfectionism was starting to get in the way.

Then I looked at the timer: I had already spent more than 30 minutes on this blog post. Mr. Perfectionism had to make a choice. Does he want to scrap what he has written, and start from the beginning, spending even more time on a new topic that might feel just as meaningless?

Turns out, by simply looking at the time that had passed, Mr. Perfectionism was becoming less critical of our writing. Sure, it was not a masterpiece, but if it’s too bad, then Google won’t even bother showing it to anyone. So, no harm done.

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