Ten cool tools I found on Thoughtworks' 25th tech radar

Browsing through Thoughtworks’ 25th edition of their technology radar, I found some tools that look interesting, in no particular order:

  • Comby is a tool for searching and changing code structure” (source: comby’s website). It’s a little like grep, but specifically for source code, as it actually seems to generate an abstract syntax tree internally. Looks very cool.
  • ProxyMan is a (macOS only) and Charles are proxies for debugging network traffic.
  • gopass team password / secret manager based on git and gpg.
  • Berglas manages secrets using Google Secret Manager.
  • Hotwire is Basecamp’s take on server-side generated frontends without needing to write any JavaScript. There are community projects for flask (turbo-flask) and django (hotwire-django, django-saas-starter)
  • mob simple command line tool that helps with remote mob programming by handling the necessary “git handover”-workflow
  • headless UI by the creators of tailwind css, is a set of unstyled, fully accessible UI components
  • DoWhy is “an end-to-end library for causal inference”
  • Prefect is an airflow-alternative that lets you create workflows by annotating plain Python functions
  • Pulumi is a terraform-alternative that is not declarative and thus in some cases better suited, especially for handling dynamic deployments

The complete Thoughtworks technology radar can be found here.

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