Why do you want to do it?

Have you ever wanted to start doing something, but never got around to doing it? Maybe you always wanted to go running every day, start meditating every day, or write a daily journal. Isn’t it strange how we really believe that we want to do something, and we also know we would greatly benefit from doing it, but then we never get started?

Life gets in the way. There are always reasons to put it of. We always find reasons, not to get started.

And often, then comes the blame: I am too lazy. I don’t have enough will power.

What will you loose?

Instead of blaming yourself, try something else. Ask yourself: What am I gaining from not getting started? What would I be loosing, if I were to start? You first impulse might be to say, that there is nothing to gain from not starting, and nothing to lose from starting. But that is not possible. There will always things you need to give up if you start something new.

Here is one thing you will always lose if you start: You will lose the ability to simply feel good about yourself, because you have the intention of doing this thing. This is important. You can no longer imagine how great it will feel once you go running every day, meditate every day, or write a daily journal. This can be nice little of positive feelings. Just planning to do something, and not actually doing it. Once your actually start, this well of positive emotions is gone.

And what if you try to get started, but then you don’t follow through? That’s something else that might stop you from getting started. Sometimes it’s just better to not know if you can actually do something, isn’t it?

Is it worth it?

Once you have realized what you gain from procrastinating, and what you would lose by getting started, it’s time to revisit your intentions. Do you still want to do it? Do you really want to give up whatever you need to give up?

Maybe you will find that this goal you had is not really that important to you. That’s fine. Don’t blame yourself for giving up. Many people live very happy lives without doing that thing.

Or maybe you find that you really want it. Of course, that’s fine, too.

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