Blogging daily for eight weeks

I just realized that today is day 56 of my daily blogging experiment. That’s eight whole weeks of daily blogging. Wow. And a good thing that I noticed, as well, because I just couldn’t think of anything to write about today. Lucky me.

Did anything change during those 8 weeks of daily blogging that I would attribute to blogging? Maybe. After the first week of blogging I started to feel motivated to work on some side-projects. At the time I attributed this to the daily blogging exercise, but honestly, it might just have been correlation, not causation. Maybe the seed of motivation had already been there, motivating me to start blogging in the first place, and it only continued to grow into working on side-projects. I guess I can never truly know, but that’s quite alright. What matters to me is that I found the motivation, somehow.

Yesterday was the first day that I briefly thought about skipping a day of blogging. I had been preoccupied with other things until late in the evening, and none of them were topics that lent themselves to write about in a blog post. I pondered for a minute or two, if I should just skip blogging that day. After all, I had never really committed to keep doing this forever, had I? Then again, I had made it so far without skipping a day, and it would feel better to continue without breaking this streak. And so I did. I remembered the research I had done while trying Tailwind css, and so I put together a very short post with three Tailwind beginner resources. Nothing to brag about, but at least I did write and publish something.

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