Blogging daily is getting difficult

Over the last few days I am struggling more and more to write my daily blog-post. I cannot say that anything in particular has changed, but I regularly feel that it’s really hard to find a decent topic to write about. Sometimes I think I have found something, but after a while I dismiss it again. The reason for dismissing a topic is usually either that I feel it will take too much effort to write even a very basic article about it, or that it is not really a topic but only an idea or opinion, and not an interesting one for that matter.

Today I have reached the point where I pondered the option to stop my daily blogging experiment.* The thought had already crossed my mind earlier this week, but today I actually took it seriously. If I struggle so much to find anything interesting to write about, wouldn’t it make more sense to stop forcing myself? Maybe I could write one wonderful blog-post per week. Wouldn’t that be much more valuable for everyone? Why am I trying to blog every day in the first place?

Here is what I had to say after blogging for 30 days about why I want to blog daily:

My main reason for writing a daily blog is this: I want to practice writing in public. I have been keeping a private journal for years, but my public writing has been very limited. A few of blog-posts in recent years, and some paid tech writing. That was it. I knew that I can do it, but I didn’t know if I am able to do it consistently, in public. Turns out, I can, at least for thirty days. 😀

I don’t think this is (or was) a good reason.

“Practice writing in public”? At this point in time, I am not sure that that is a good enough reason for daily blogging. It might even be a good reason to abandon daily blogging, and adopt a weekly schedule. Wouldn’t it be much better practice to actually write something that has a real value? And that takes time.

I have decided that I will not yet give up daily blogging.

My reason to keep blogging daily is this: Daily blogging will force me to create and publish something every day, even if I feel that it is not perfect, maybe not even good enough.

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