The 1.000 types of blog posts your blog needs today! (clickbait)

While I was thinking about today’s blog-post, this thought popped into my mind: What kind of blog-posts are there? How many types are there? How do they differ? A typical newspaper has news articles, opinion pieces, editorials, letters to the editor, reviews, obituaries, advertisements, and classified ads. When you search for “types of blog-posts”, some results suggest ridiculously large numbers. I guess the idea is, the higher the number, the better it will rank in the search results. Just like in the good old days. 😀

After reading and skimming over the first few articles, I don’t feel inspired, but overwhelmed. That’s the opposite of what I was hoping for when I had the idea to research this.

The reason why I decided to search for different types of blog-posts was that I am struggling to find blog-worthy topics recently. A blog-worthy topic for me is something that is interesting to read, but also does not take too long to research. Since I am blogging every day, I do not want to spent hours with research. On some days I can simply write the research that I have been doing. An examples of such a post is “Thoughtworks Technology Radar Vol. 24 from a bootstrapper’s perspective”.

On other days, I have not done or researched anything that feels important or interesting enough to write about. And sometimes the topic feels too personal for a public blog-post.

In case you actually came here for 1.000 types of blog-posts, I apologize for the disappointment. Here is a link that might help.

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