Is there not todo-app that can do this?

There are so many todo apps, but none of them seems to have the ability to let me do this:

I want to be able to create a list of todo items – let’s call this list the should-do-list – and manually change the order of todo-items. Then I want to take this list, and create a new view of it. Let’s call this view the want-to-list. The want-to and the should-do list will always contain the same items, only the order of items is different. I want to be able to manually change the order on each list without impacting the order on the other list.

As a bonus, I would like to have some way to compare the order of these two views. I guess the easiest way would be to have two columns with numbers, one showing the position the items has on the should-do-list, the other showing the position on the want-to-list.

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