A letter to your future self

I recently listened to a bunch of episodes of the Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids podcast. What is it about? The title says it all: grownups get up on a stage and read from their diaries they wrote as kids.

It seems that many people wrote letters to their future self when they were kids, usually prompted by their parents or teachers. One of the letters, or rather one particular sentence from one of these letters stayed in my head:

I hope I did everything necessary to make sure you are living out our dreams. (Episode 2017-11-07, “You can’t moose hunt for a living (Toronto)”)

So I wrote a letter to my future self as well. I have put in my diary and will re-read it, when the time comes.

I noticed something interesting when I was writing my letter: Notice how it says “our dreams” above, not “your dreams” or “my dreams”? I noticed that I was sometimes confused. Should I write “you” or “I”? I wonder if that confusion means something.

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