Baking bread

Baking your own bread is simple, but strangely satisfying. I don’t usually bake my own bread, I buy it from a bakery or grocery store, like most people that I know.

To prepare your own bread, you only need some very basic ingredients that you can find at any store: flower, salt, sugar, and yeast. And water. (Actually, yeast is only one option. The yeast’s purpose is to make the bread rise. This is called “leavening”, and there are different leavening agents used in different regions of the world.)

What is so satisfying about baking bread?

It is satisfying to see how the flower and the water start as a mess when you first start mixing, but with every minute of kneading, more and more it turns into wonderful, smooth dough.

It is satisfying to knead the dough, feeling it in your hands.

It is satisfying to see the yeast do its work, making the dough rise over time.

It is satisfying to see the bread turn golden brown in your oven.

It is satisfying to smell the bread while it is baking, and even more so, the smell of freshly baked bread when you cut your first slice, still warm to the touch.

It is satisfying to taste that slice of warm bread, maybe just with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt on top, knowing that you made it yourself, with your own hands, from those simple ingredients.

It is satisfying to share this bread with someone, letting them share your experience of making it.

And while you are doing all this, it is satisfying to remember that humans have performed this simple task for thousands of years, to feed their families, their friends, themselves, all around the world.

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