Blogging daily for three weeks

Update: I made it to thirty days and wrote a longer re-cap after completing 30 days of blogging, including some stats from Google Analytics.

Three weeks ago I decided to start an experiment: writing one blog-post every day for at least ten days. I have written about my disappointment when completing that ten-day-milestone. Today is day 21. How am I feeling about my daily blogging after three weeks?

I am very surprised that I have not struggled very much to find things to write about. Admittedly, my posts are very short, but I feel that is ok for the time being. During the first ten days that was a big concern that I won’t have enough topics. Currently, I don’t worry about that. But of course, now that I am mentioning it, I start to worry again. 🙄

The positive

My daily blogging inspired me to start a second experiment, my 7-day MembershipNerd challenge. I am pretty certain that I would not have thought about doing that, if I hadn’t started the daily blog. Working on MembershipNerd gives me more topics to blog about, which is great.

Any negatives?

Not at this point. Maybe when the holidays or a vacation comes around. I am currently sticking to my plan of writing and publishing every day. It will be interesting to see how I feel when I skip a day. Not that I am planning to, but things happen.

Looks like a will keep going. The next milestone: Daily blogging for 30 days.

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