Creating beautiful paper bookmarks

On a recent rainy weekend I began reading a book. A paper book. When I was about to take a break from reading, I looked around for a piece of paper to use as a bookmark.

“When did I stop using paper bookmarks?”, I thought to myself.

The next morning I was inspired to create my own bookmarks. I remembered that I had used Moo some years ago to print mini business cards. I love the quality and paper. The cool thing about Moo is the option to print every single business card using a different image.

So I started on my little project. I looked up Moo’s recommendation for image size and colors for the mini business cards, imported the template into Sketch on my iPad and started drawing.

Originally I that I would only create a couple of drawings, but the vivid colors and the thought of holding these printed images in my hands kept me going. In the end, I had 50 sketches.

This is what the printed cards look like:

Here is an example of a sketch I created:

I am not very good at drawing, but I had fun doing it anyway. (And the limited color palette that I chose based on the recommendation helped a lot!) If you have some time to spare, I can highly recommend doing something like this. Especially as a software developer who usually only creates intangible things, I cannot express how satisfying it is to hold something in your hands that you had a part in creating.

Go, be creative!

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