Building MembershipNerd - Day 2

When I started working on MembershipNerd this morning I immediately realized that I had overestimated yesterday’s progress. For example, I had not verified that the app is actually using the database, because I thought my start-up script was taking care of that. (And it does, once everything is set up correctly…) Also, when I tried to log in into the django admin, I saw that the css was not loading correctly. Another thing that I had not checked yesterday.

Process, process, process! Not outcome

These are no real problems that would have slipped by unnoticed. But I still felt bad about it. More than I should have.

Turns out that my outcome-oriented perspective had once again crept up on me. Seeing my “mistakes” felt like I had fallen behind. There was more work ahead than I had thought. And that was bugging me.

Time to remind myself, why I am doing this:

This 7-day challenge is about working on the project each of the seven consecutive days, and publishing the result in some form. It’s not about completing the project.

Day 2 summary

I didn’t complete a task, but I actually hooked up the right database, fixed the css problem, and added the ability to dump and load test-data to / from a file.

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