Four life lessons from a software developer in his forties

I am a software developer in my forties. Here are four things I wish I had learned and practiced earlier in my life:

  • Your logical mind will often deceive you when it comes to important things in life. Learn to trust your emotions. In order to do that, I needed to first learn to recognize my emotions, to actually feel them, notice them, instead of ignoring or censoring them.
  • We humans all have the same basic needs for safety, connection, and growth. If you are unhappy, recognize this and figure out, which of your needs are not met.
  • If your instinct is to always do everything yourself, learn to ask for help. If your instinct is, to always ask others for help, learn to do something yourself.
  • Learn to live with your negative self-talk, your doubts. But more importantly, learn to take them less seriously. You might not be able to make them go away, but you can practice ignoring them once in a while.

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