Instant Gratification: Consuming Instead Of Creating

I have been thinking about buying this new gadget for a while. This has been going on since spring of this year (it’s almost fall now). I have have been watching many Youtube videos and reading reviews, looking at spec sheets and generally spending a lot of time on this subject.

I am hesitant to actually buy the gadget, because some part of me has the feeling, that, once I actually have that shiny new thing in my hands, the novelty will wear of rather sooner than later, and won’t be using it half as much as I imagined before I bought it. Part of me thinks, that I am want to buy the gadget, because I wish to be someone else, because I wish to behave like someone I am not.

So, instead of buying this new piece of gear, I managed to borrow it from friends. It’s not the exact model I was looking into, but for all intents and purposes its close enough. It’s close enough that I should be able to try and see if I would really use it, if I were to buy one myself.

Now that I have the borrowed gadget sitting next to me, I told myself, that there is no reason to watch reviews on Youtube anymore. At least for now.

So what does my brain suddenly want me to do? It want’s me to watch Youtube videos on how to properly use this particular gadget, and how to use these things in general, how to get better at it, and so on. Are you kidding me? I decided, I should stop wasting time watching gadget reviews, and my brain instantly comes up with reasons to watch other videos.

But the whole point of all the research I did before, was to buy the gadget to get out and create stuff with it. It spent hours watching those reviews, in the back of my mind imagining the glorious things I could create myself once I bought this new shiny thing. Now I have something, that should be close enough to that new shiny thing, and what do I do? Do I put my clothes, keen to get outside and try it? Create something with it? Play with?

Nope. I don’t.

Instead, I think about other kinds of gadgets that I could research, about other kinds of “creative” things I could do (which I immediately feel like looking up on Youtube and „researching“).

Help, my brain is trying to trick me!

I won’t listen to it this time. (At least I will try.) Here is what I will try instead:

Today, I will take that gadget outside and create some things with. In the evening, when I come home from work, I will not immediately start researching new stuff on Youtube. Instead, I will look at the creations of the day and think about them. Maybe then I will watch some Youtube…

What about your? Maybe stop surfing the inter-webs now? Don’t listen to your stupid brain telling you to read just one more article, look at just one more web-site. Better go and take a walk now, meet some friends, read a book. Anything. But, please, stop looking at this screen! (At least for a while.)

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