Rob Wailing's Rule of Thumb for Conversion Rates (Visitor/Trial and Trial/Paid)

From a MicroConf-Talk by Rob Walling, Co-Founder of Drip. The links should take you directly to the relevant parts in the video.

▶️ Rob’s Rule of Thumb (2015)

His assumptions: Free trials with credit card up-front.

  • Visitor/Trial conversion rate: 0.7-2.0% (depends on price point)
  • Trial/Paid conversion rate: 40%-60% (lower if no credit card up-front)
  • First 60/90 day churn: 20-40%
  • Post 60/90 day churn: 4-7%

▶️ Positioning your Startup: How to be different

  • Invent a category. Great, if you have a giant marketing budget or a lot of time. Not an option for bootstrappers or if time is important.
  • ▶️ Take a position in a category
  • Compare features. (Avoid this.)

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