The six basic market condition types according to Van Tharp

On episode #24 of the Better System Trader podcast, Van Tharp describes six basic market condition types, along the two axis of trend and volatility: trend: up, down, sideways volatility: low, high According to Van Tharp, a good trading strategy can perform well in more than one type of market, but probably not all types. Thus, one needs more than one trading strategy to achieve what he refers to as a “smooth equity curve”. [Read More]

Using python to fetch crypto market data from the binance API

I have never actively traded crypto, but with the new all-time-highs of Bitcoin and Ehtereum, I am wondering if I should. To get historical market data I am using this simple script. You need a Binance-account to create the necessary API key and secret. In this example I am reading those from the environment variables BINANCE_API_KEY and BINANCE_API_SECRET. You could also just paste them into the script, if you don’t care. [Read More]