Thoughtworks Technology Radar Vol. 24 from a bootstrapper's perspective

While waiting for the new edition of Thoughtwork’s Techonology Radar1 – which should arrive any day now – I thought I’d go over the current, volume 24. What can bootstrappers and solo founders take away from the Technology Radar, which is really aimed at enterprises and larger organisations? Out of the 104 techniques, tools, platforms, frameworks and languages, I have picked three that I found most relevant for bootstrappers and solo-founders. [Read More]

Starting a side project: domain vs. sub-domains

Once you start a side-project, there comes the time when you ask yourself where to host it. You probably started with a simple project page on your website. But inevitably, the more effort you put into the project, the more you feel the urge to host it on its own domain or sub-domain, am I right? or Both have their pros and cons. A sub-domain is usually easier to set up and often comes for free with your existing domain. [Read More]

How can this work?

What if you listened to advice and tactics of successful founders and then ignore it on purpose? What if you focused on the things you enjoy instead of the things that seem most important? What if you slowed down when you feel the need to reach your goal? What if you took a break when you feel the urge to keep going? What if you asked for help instead of doing everything yourself? [Read More]

Collecting payments for your bootstrapped SaaS startup

One of the more confusing subjects for me as a startup-founder was payment collection. How do I charge my customers? What is the difference between services like Stripe, Chargebee, Chargify, Paddle, and Fastspring? Disclaimer: This article will sound like an advertisement for Paddle and Fastspring. It is not. I am not getting paid to write this. I am writing from my own experience and my own research. I think Stripe is a great service. [Read More]