The 1.000 types of blog posts your blog needs today! (clickbait)

While I was thinking about today’s blog-post, this thought popped into my mind: What kind of blog-posts are there? How many types are there? How do they differ? A typical newspaper has news articles, opinion pieces, editorials, letters to the editor, reviews, obituaries, advertisements, and classified ads. When you search for “types of blog-posts”, some results suggest ridiculously large numbers. I guess the idea is, the higher the number, the better it will rank in the search results. [Read More]

Writing and publishing a blog-post for 30 days

This is my 30th blog-post in 30 days. A little over thirty days ago I decided that I will finally try to blog daily, at least for a limited amount of time. At the time I thought that it would be really cool to challenge myself to blog for 30 days. At the same time, that seemed like a very tall order. How to write a daily blog-post for 30 days The trick is: don’t start with the goal to blog for thirty days! [Read More]

Why do you want to do it?

Have you ever wanted to start doing something, but never got around to doing it? Maybe you always wanted to go running every day, start meditating every day, or write a daily journal. Isn’t it strange how we really believe that we want to do something, and we also know we would greatly benefit from doing it, but then we never get started? Life gets in the way. There are always reasons to put it of. [Read More]

Blogging daily for three weeks

Update: I made it to thirty days and wrote a longer re-cap after completing 30 days of blogging, including some stats from Google Analytics. Three weeks ago I decided to start an experiment: writing one blog-post every day for at least ten days. I have written about my disappointment when completing that ten-day-milestone. Today is day 21. How am I feeling about my daily blogging after three weeks? I am very surprised that I have not struggled very much to find things to write about. [Read More]

Taking a trip on a blank page

Writing is like taking a trip. What if you feel like you want to take a trip, but you don’t have a destination? If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you even get there? How do you know you are on the right path? How do you know when you have arrived? So many unsolved questions. That’s what it feels like to me when I sit in front of a blank page. [Read More]

Design your feedback loops

Once you start thinking about feedback loops, you will find them everywhere. In nature, your body, your personal life, your professional life, your neighborhood, your city. Everywhere. Feedback loops are incredibly powerful. Their main feature is the power to change the system that is receiving the feedback. A system that is receiving feedback, can and most likely will change over time. What feedback loops are in your life? Have you thought about designing your own feedback loops? [Read More]

Ten blog posts in ten days

Ten days ago I decided to challenge myself: Can I write one blog post every day for ten consecutive days? Today, the results are in. It turns out, yes, I can. But I am a little surprised how I feel today when reaching this goal. Ten days ago I expected to feel much more satisfied on day ten. I thought it would feel great to look back, and I would be proud to achieve it. [Read More]

Creating beautiful paper bookmarks

On a recent rainy weekend I began reading a book. A paper book. When I was about to take a break from reading, I looked around for a piece of paper to use as a bookmark. “When did I stop using paper bookmarks?”, I thought to myself. The next morning I was inspired to create my own bookmarks. I remembered that I had used Moo some years ago to print mini business cards. [Read More]

A letter to your future self

I recently listened to a bunch of episodes of the Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids podcast. What is it about? The title says it all: grownups get up on a stage and read from their diaries they wrote as kids. It seems that many people wrote letters to their future self when they were kids, usually prompted by their parents or teachers. One of the letters, or rather one particular sentence from one of these letters stayed in my head: [Read More]

Very original

I don’t have anything to say. I don’t have anything original to say. All of it has been said before. People don’t want to hear about the things I have to say. I don’t have the time. I don’t feel like it. I am boring. I am not good enough. Other people have said it better. Other people have said it butter. Other people have said it bitter. I can do bitter. [Read More]