Some tailwind beginner resources

Tailwind does not come with a default look and feel. If you don’t want to completely start from scratch, it’s best to start with one of many free templates. The following seem to be popular. All of them have a liberal MIT license: tailwind starter kit Meraki UI Components Flowbite looks somewhat similar to Bootstrap Tailblocks is a set of components I also found this interesting project that is specifically for prototyping email: Maizzle. [Read More]

Ten cool tools I found on Thoughtworks' 25th tech radar

Browsing through Thoughtworks’ 25th edition of their technology radar, I found some tools that look interesting, in no particular order: “Comby is a tool for searching and changing code structure” (source: comby’s website). It’s a little like grep, but specifically for source code, as it actually seems to generate an abstract syntax tree internally. Looks very cool. ProxyMan is a (macOS only) and Charles are proxies for debugging network traffic. gopass team password / secret manager based on git and gpg. [Read More]

Reading list on developer productivity and happiness

I stumbled down an internet rabbit-hole today, and came across a very interesting paper published in the ACM queue: The SPACE of Developer Productivity. I found the paper great because it made me appreciate once more, how interesting and complex the work of software development teams really is. And I found some great additional reference that seem worth checking out: Suchman, L. 1995. Making work visible. Communications of the ACM 38(9), 56-64; https://dl. [Read More]

How can this work?

What if you listened to advice and tactics of successful founders and then ignore it on purpose? What if you focused on the things you enjoy instead of the things that seem most important? What if you slowed down when you feel the need to reach your goal? What if you took a break when you feel the urge to keep going? What if you asked for help instead of doing everything yourself? [Read More]

Researching hosting options for small projects

Today I spent most of the day researching small cloud providers and “self-hosted PaaS” technology. This was triggered by a question that had been on my mind for a while: What is the minimum “cost-per-application” for production-quality containerized hosting? What do I mean by that? cost-per-application: How much does it cost to host one application, two applications, etc.? Ideally, I would like to find the minimum price that will scale linearly. [Read More]

Four life lessons from a software developer in his forties

I am a software developer in my forties. Here are four things I wish I had learned and practiced earlier in my life: Your logical mind will often deceive you when it comes to important things in life. Learn to trust your emotions. In order to do that, I needed to first learn to recognize my emotions, to actually feel them, notice them, instead of ignoring or censoring them. We humans all have the same basic needs for safety, connection, and growth. [Read More]

How I get unstuck

Have you ever noticed that you are putting off doing certain things all the time, again and again? Like doing the taxes or getting started on that personal project. Of course, you have. When I put things off for too long, my mood suffers, and sometimes this leads to putting off even more tasks. Feels bad. Here is a little trick I came up with that helps with getting unstuck: Create an emotional brain dump of all your current tasks. [Read More]

Is Your Todo List Getting Longer And Longer?

Do you use a todo or task app on your phone? And have you enabled recurring reminders for overdue tasks? Do you have an ever growing list of overdue tasks? If your task list is growing, or if you find yourself dismissing task reminders several days in a row without actually looking at the overdue tasks, then these tip might be for you: Don’t mix actionable tasks and “someday, maybe I should do this” If you don’t look at your overdue tasks, maybe they are not real, concrete tasks after all. [Read More]