Is Your Todo List Getting Longer And Longer?

Do you use a todo or task app on your phone? And have you enabled recurring reminders for overdue tasks? Do you have an ever growing list of overdue tasks? If your task list is growing, or if you find yourself dismissing task reminders several days in a row without actually looking at the overdue tasks, then these tip might be for you: Don’t mix actionable tasks and “someday, maybe I should do this” If you don’t look at your overdue tasks, maybe they are not real, concrete tasks after all. [Read More]

Instant Gratification: Consuming Instead Of Creating

I have been thinking about buying this new gadget for a while. This has been going on since spring of this year (it’s almost fall now). I have have been watching many Youtube videos and reading reviews, looking at spec sheets and generally spending a lot of time on this subject. I am hesitant to actually buy the gadget, because some part of me has the feeling, that, once I actually have that shiny new thing in my hands, the novelty will wear of rather sooner than later, and won’t be using it half as much as I imagined before I bought it. [Read More]

Know Your Energy Levels

If you are anything like me, you have experienced this: In the morning, you make grand plans for the evening, plan what you will do when you come home from work (or, if working from home, what you will do after work). In the morning, these plans made you feel good and productive. Then, evening rolls around, and suddenly you can think of a million reasons why you won’t stick to your plan and why you will put off those plans for some other day, probably tomorrow. [Read More]

The Gift Basket That Haunted My Dreams

Are you like me, making plans in the morning but find that you are not sticking to them when evening rolls around? I don’t eat particularly healthy. As with everything in live, I go through phases with my diet. Sometimes I eat less unhealthy, sometimes I eat more unhealthy food. This week was especially bad. Last weekend I received a nice little food basket from some of my friends. It was a very sweet gesture, and I was very happy to receive it. [Read More]

How To Get Better At Stuff

As you might be able to tell from the title, this is not going to be an academic article about self improvement. Instead, I am trying to convince you – and myself – that there is one key element to improving yourself and your life. Let me start with an example. Remember when you were a kid? Let’s assume I’m young again and let’s assume I don’t know how to do simple math, like adding numbers. [Read More]

Don't Feel Bad

This is my first Day of Writing. I came across the idea of theming my days when I recently watched a bunch of Youtube-videos. You know the one: your typical productivity porn videos by your typical productivity experts. The ones that make you feel productive without actually accomplishing anything. Who are these videos for? Who is watching these videos? Probably a bunch of losers like myself who watch productivity videos to procrastinate. [Read More]